Our neurology team manages conditions that are primarily related to the brain and nervous system.

What do we do?

Our neurology team manages conditions that are primarily related to the brain and nervous system.

The most common conditions relate to:

  • Stroke and Transient ischaemic attacks
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Neuropathy and movement disorders
  • Investigation of neurological symptoms such as weakness or numbness

Who do we care for?

Adult patients.  Patients with conditions that require a specialist neurology opinion.  If you have multiple medical conditions, we may provide advice relating to neurology issues to general physicians or your GP.

Our team does not generally care for patients currently under the care of a private neurologist or another public hospital, in order to maintain continuity of care for patients and to avoid double ups (most of the specialists in Ballarat work in both private and public systems).

What can you expect?

Patients can expect an initial assessment and a follow up visit if needed.

Some conditions require repeat visits for monitoring and for the specialist to arrange prescriptions for certain medications.  

Repeat visits may also be required to arrange referrals for infusions or medication via the medical day unit.

If your symptoms or condition are stable, routine appointments can be provided by your GP.

If we identify that you require services that are not available at Grampians Health Ballarat you may be referred to another service provider for treatment.

Our team may need to refer you to another service if it is not available at Grampians Health Ballarat. We might advise your GP to refer you to that service, or the need for another service may become apparent after we see you in our clinic. 

This may include disc bulges causing nerve pain or damage that require either Internationale radiology or neurosurgical input rather than neurology.

We do our best to streamline patients into the most appropriate clinic or service.

Your appointment

Ideally you need to know why you are seeing a neurology specialist, and you need to have a valid referral letter.  If you are given an appointment and don’t know why you are being referred or don’t need it, please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

Grampians Health Ballarat Specialist Clinics – contact (03) 5320 4221

How can you access this service?

A referral from your GP is required to access this service

For stroke and TIA patients, refer directly to the stroke/TIA clinic.

Our team does not see patients with back pain who do not have neurological signs/symptoms.

Neurology Clinic


1 Drummond Street North
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 4221

Opening Hours

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

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