Our Community Care Unit, located in Ballarat, provides 24-hour recovery-focused rehabilitation in a community residential setting, to people who usually have multiple and complex needs. 

In an emergency contact 000

What you can expect?

The Community Care Unit, located in Sebastopol, provides a residential setting. The Unit's recovery program offers a consumer-centered treatment approach, within a community-based setting to assist consumers in achieving their personal recovery goals and maintain wellness. Currently, this unit has five operational beds.

What do we do?

This unit has staff who will work with consumers and carers to promote self-determination/empowerment and enable progress towards reaching personal recovery goals.

How can you access this service?

Anyone may make a referral via Community Teams or Mental Health Inpatient Services. 

The unit can be contacted on (03) 5320 6810.

Under Victorian law, Diosma House is a non-smoking environment. We will provide nicotine replacement therapies, whilst you are an inpatient.  

Ballarat Sebastopol


232 Spencer Street
Sebastopol VIC 3356


03 5320 6810

Opening Hours

This service is offered in Ballarat and Ararat locations.

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