The Steele Haughton Units provides 20 residential aged care beds that specialise in mental health treatment and care. 

In case of emergency call 000

What do we do?

The unit cares for residents aged 65 years and over, who cannot be managed effectively in the general aged care system, due to level of mental, emotional or behavioral disturbance. 

What you can expect?

The Steele Haughton Unit is located in Ballarat adjacent to the Aged Acute Admission Unit. This unit has twenty aged care residential beds that specialise in mental health treatment and care.

How to access this service?

Access to this facility is via the Aged Community Mental Health Team.

An ACAS Assessment is also required. 

Under Victorian Law, the Steele Haughton Unit is a non-smoking environment. We will provide nicotine replacement therapies whilst an in-patient.

Steele Haughton Residential Unit


102 Ascot Street South
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 3595

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