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What can you expect?

This initial assessment and treatment of aged persons with a mental illness, is undertaken by the Aged Psychiatry Community Services. It provides the first point of contact with the aged person's mental health service, for both the client and their family. We have offices located in Ballarat, Ararat and Horsham. 

What do we do?

People are generally treated in their own homes, which may include residential facilities or Supported Residential Services. This approach is not only effective, but is least disruptive to the individual and those who care for them. 

The Aged Psychiatry Community Service is community- focused and provides assessment and treatment for older people sixty-five years and older in the Grampians region.

How to access this service?

The Aged Community Mental Health Team can be contacted  on 03 5320 3592, Monday to Friday. 

Out of hours contact 1300 247 647

Aged Mental Health


1 Drummond Street North
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 3592

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

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