The Grampians Region Population Health Plan (GRPHP) 2023-2029 begins with a vision for the people of our region: that we together achieve the best health and well-being outcomes possible, and that progress towards that goal is made each year. 


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About the Grampians Region Population Health Plan


The GRPHP reports an assessment of health, strengths and priorities of local communities which then informed a series of population health interventions. Stakeholders together mapped the complex factors interacting in a system which influence a person’s health and well-being status, and then identified feasible, measurable, potentially scalable and potentially sustainable interventions.
These were then further considered and programs selected for implementation in the initial years of the plan (with a strategy for repeating the process and broadening the range of programs and priorities in coming years). Accordingly, nine priority streams of work across our three sub-regional hubs are planned spanning health promotion, disease prevention, and (sub-) population health approaches.





Our priority streams

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