Prevention is key to lifelong dental health and it is never too late to get the care you need. As part of our approach to achieving the best results for our patients, we work with you to change your oral health care for the better.

A one-on-one session with an oral health educator can provide you with an understanding of how to look after your dental health. By providing patients with this education, we hope patients can make positive changes to their oral health routine.

Community groups we support

Young Mums Group
Working with local educators to support high-risk teens, aged 14 - 17 years; who have become pregnant while at school. Grampians Health Ballarat dental also supports their babies and children, to better oral health care and education.

Homeless Youth Program
In conjunction with Ballarat Community Health Service, this program services two groups: 13-17 year olds and 18 -25 year olds. Teens who are currently on the streets or couch surfing each night are examined, treated and supplied with Oral Health kits.

Expectant Mums Program
Targeted women at maternal health appointments are examined and follow up treatments are made. Young women are supplied with oral hygiene goodie bags' with targeted products supplied.  

Aged Care Services
Ten aged care sites, attached to Grampians Health Ballarat are visited each year, offering oral health care plans, examinations, treatments, dentures and all being done on site. Grampians Health Ballarat has provided ongoing services ongoing to over 700 residents, since we began in 2014.

Smiles For Miles Extension Program
Includes examinations, education, fluoride applications on white spot lesions if required as well as oral health care plans for parents of kindergarten children on site.

School Engagement Program
Provides examinations, education and oral health care plans for parents and carers.

HEAL Program- (healthy eating active lifestyle)
For mental health clients. Education and relationship building onsite, with follow-up care offered, to eligible clients.

Supported Residential Services
Examinations, continuous oral health care education and kits provided, as well as treatments offered and completed.

Targeted Indigenous Recall Program
Alongside BADAC medical centre, in our referral and recall processes, we continue to work hard on closing the gap. Promoting oral health and access pathways to dental care, we are constantly seeing improvement in positive outcomes. Through leadership and guidance of our two aboriginal Dental Assistants we are helping us to achieve a culturally safe environment and greater participation.

Grampians Health Ballarat dental has a passion for our future dentists and have included a ten chair teaching school, within our new facility. Supporting Latrobe's final-year students, we have developed a new model of teaching, to enhance learning, skills and experiences for students. We are constantly striving for excellence by creating an environment through which each student has the opportunity to thrive.

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