The Ballarat Austin Radiation Oncology Centre (BAROC) is a partnership between Austin Health and Grampians Health Ballarat that provides Radiation Therapy services to the Ballarat and Grampians region. Find out more about Radiation Therapy.

Radiation therapy is painless during the delivery of treatment. Some side effects may cause discomfort, which should be discussed with your treatment team.

The side effects experienced using radiotherapy depends on the part of the body being treated. These side effects will be discussed with you before you start your treatment so that you know what to expect. If you have any concerns, please speak with your treatment team.

Radiation therapy only affects the part of your body being treated. If your hair is included in the treatment area, the hair in that area is likely to fall out. The amount of hair loss depends on the size of the area being treated and the radiation dose it receives. The hair will usually grow back slowly several months after treatment is complete.

Radiation therapy does not make you radioactive. It is safe to be around your friends and family during treatment.

This depends on the type of cancer and the aim of your treatment. Radiation therapy is prescribed to suit your needs and may be a single treatment, or up to 8 weeks of treatments, delivered five days per week from Monday to Friday.

The Planning CT Scan may take 1 to 2 hours as we often make individual equipment to help you to stay in the correct position.

Radiation therapy treatment usually takes 10-30 minutes, but we ask you to allow at least an hour if you have other appointments. You may have regular appointments with our doctors, nurses and allied health staff during the treatment course.

Friends and relatives are welcome to watch the radiation therapists set up one of your treatments. We ask that no more than one person comes in the room with you at a time. When the actual radiation treatment is being delivered, we ask that they return to the waiting room.

If you would like someone to come and watch your set-up, we request that you let us know, in advance. This will allow us to organise for an additional staff member to explain the process to your visitor while ensuring the two treating radiation therapists can focus completely on your set-up.

Yes, unless told not to by your doctor. However, if you are feeling tired or unwell, perhaps ask a friend or family member to bring you instead.

Yes, as long as you feel able to. Patients often experience fatigue as a side effect of treatment. If you are experiencing fatigue or any other side effects, you may wish to take a break from work.

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