New platform of resources for Men's Health

Tuesday 16 June 2020

This Men’s Health Week, Ballarat Health Services has released a new online platform to encourage local men to look after their mental and physical health.

The website is designed to highlight resources for men’s health at a national and local level, featuring a series of videos from Ballarat-based health professionals.

Ballarat Health Services CEO Dale Fraser encouraged the Ballarat community to work together for men’s mental and physical health.

“Men’s Health Week is a great reminder about the ways we should be looking after ourselves, and now is the time to take steps to look after our health,” Mr Fraser said. “This will be a fantastic ongoing resource where men can proactively find information and educate themselves on the next steps for their health.

“It’s important that we’re all open to discussions around our physical and mental health, and are aware of what age-appropriate health screens we should be having. In many cases, screening is the key to early detection.”

Mr Fraser said the resource was designed to encourage men to prioritise their health, even throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Don’t put your health on hold during COVID-19 restrictions. Visit the website for some information and take the appropriate steps to look after yourself, whether that’s booking in with your GP for a check-up, making an effort to be active and eat well, or starting the conversation about health with a family member or friend.”

The website features information on healthy eating, active living, the importance of screening and preventative measures, as well as tips for taking care of your mental health.

Ballarat Health Services Exercise Physiologist Luke Evans is featured on the Men’s Health webpage, encouraging the community to increase the instances of incidental exercise throughout their day.

“Exercise has a very positive impact on our physical and mental wellbeing, and this includes incidental exercise,” Mr Evans said. “We should all be taking any opportunity to be more active, and this could be anything from choosing the stairs instead of an elevator, mowing the lawn, or making a conscious effort to break up our sitting time even if it’s just for a short walk or stretch.”

Ballarat Health Services has also released a new prostate cancer platform for General Practitioners in the Ballarat region. The website has information on the benefits and process of prostate cancer screening, and highlights local resources GPs can use to support men through prostate cancer – from screening to diagnosis, treatment and beyond.

The Men’s Health webpage is an initiative of the Ballarat Health Services Health Promotion Department. It can be found here.

Men’s Health Week runs from 15-22 June 2020.

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