On 5 July 2021, medical students from our university partners hosted four Teddy Bear Telehealth sessions so that teddy could have health check up from home.

Children were invited to join the sessions with their Teddy, and each session included a mock-consultation on a different ailment or health concern – teddy might be feeling unwell, have a sore leg after a fall from their bike, have a sore ear, or maybe a strange looking spot.

With the assistance of our Teddy Doctors, children were able to learn more about ways to seek medical advice without coming to hospital, and become familiar with medical staff, equipment and terminology from the comfort of home.

In addition to educating young children and improving health literacy, these sessions gave our medical students an opportunity to improve their paediatric communication skills and teach families more about the opportunities telehealth provides.

Our sincere thanks to Teddy Doctors Emina, CC, Nez and Milla for their work in creating and leading the Teddy Bear Telehealth sessions for 2021! They were full of energy, information and very interactive for our participating children and their teddies.

These sessions were held via Microsoft Teams, however our Teddy Doctors will be making their way to six local primary schools over the coming months.

The July 5 Teddy Bear Telehealth sessions included:

Session 1: Teddy is feeling unwell
Teddy might have a stomach ache, headache, be tired or feeling sick.

Session 2: Teddy has a sore leg
Teddy had a fall from their bike and their leg is sore.

Session 3: Teddy has a sore ear
Teddy has an ear ache that came on suddenly today.

Session 4: Teddy has a funny looking spot
Teddy has a strange spot on his arm.


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