Ballarat Health Services credentialing process is in line with Victoria’s Credentialing and scope of practice for senior medical practitioner’s policy. All of our Medical and Dental applications are submitted to our Medical Credentialing and Appointment Committee for approval.
Initial approval is for one year, and renewals are for three years.
All senior clinical staff who have an independent responsibility for patient care are credentialed.
Ballarat Health Services uses Equifax to credential all senior clinical staff, and you will be sent a request from Equifax to complete your online application against your scope of practice. 


Credentialing is the formal process of assessing a health care professional's qualifications, training, experience and clinical competence in relation to their role within BHS.
We require all medical practitioners who work on site, or provide advice to our clinics to be credentialed with us prior to commencement. This includes all of our Consultants, working for BHS or in a contract/locum.

Please find our Credentialing Requirements here.

General Practitioner Credentialing

General practitioners need to undertake Credentialing for aged care (residential care), Shared care and surgical assisting. If you are general practitioner and have patients associated with Ballarat Health Services, we invite you to undertake the Ballarat Health Services Credentialing process.

Scope of Practice

Each clinical discipline has a defined scope of core clinical practice as defined in the Ballarat Health Services Defining the Credentialing and Scope of Clinical Practice for Senior Medical and Dental Staff policy. Senior medical staff may also apply for additional advanced scope of practice which requires specific credentialing as specified in the guidelines.

  • Core scope of practice: the routine expectations of clinical service that are a normal part of training for a member of the relevant unit, and in keeping with the practitioner's qualifications and training are considered to be usual practice or agreed usual clinical privileges.
  • Advanced scope of practice: specific clinical areas of expertise, usually requiring additional training or specialised expertise, such as procedures or treatments that may be performed by only a few members of the relevant unit, are considered to be advanced scope of practice or agreed special clinical privileges. This usually requires individual procedures or categories of treatments/procedures to be specified as included in the individual practitioner's advanced scope of practice.

For further information please contact the Credentialing Officer via email or phone 03 5320 8946. 

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