Childbirth education classes are offered to all women, and their support person, planning to deliver their baby at Ballarat Health Services. Classes are booked at your first Maternity Outpatients Clinic appointment.

Classes Offered

Tuesday or Thursday Evening Childbirth Classes
Over three weeks (3 classes in total), these classes cover labour and birth, pain-relief options, birth variations and parenting. These classes are ideal for women around 30-weeks gestation.

Saturday Childbirth Class
A one-off class that covers labour and birth, pain relief options, birth variations and parenting. This class is ideal from 30-weeks gestation and are for women who live out of town.

Breastfeeding Education Class
(3-5pm, or 6:30pm-8:30pm)
Discusses breastfeeding benefits, positioning and attachment, establishment and antenatal expression. Offered as a standalone class; ideal with two time slots available from 30-weeks gestation.

Childbirth education


1 Drummond Street North
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 4000

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