This is a breathing test, using a variety of different breathing exercises, to assess lung volumes, gas exchange, response to Ventolin and airflow. The results are used in the diagnosis and treatment of lung conditions (e.g. asthma and emphysema) or as a routine check prior to operations.

You will receive clear instructions and coaching to perform the test.

Your appointment?

To access this service you must have a referral from a medical provider and an appointment is necessary.

We must see the referral before an appointment can be made. It can be dropped off, faxed to (03) 5320 4713  or emailed to The patient name, date of birth, phone number and address must be included on the referral.

If using fax or email, you will be contacted via mail or phone call, as appropriate, with the appointment details.

If using puffers or inhalers, you may need to stop these for a period prior to your test. You will be provided with a list of these medications along with your appointment details.

Do not smoke for 1 hour before your test.

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