The six minute walk test is to access your oxygen levels. 

What to expect?

You will be asked to walk at your own pace on a flat surface for 6 minutes while your heart rate and oxygen levels are recorded. After a 10-15 minute break, the test may be repeated while oxygen is administered via nasal cannula.

Total time with us is usually between 30-60 minutes.

Please bring along a walking stick or mobility walker where required.

If you become short of breath or tired easily, please consider being wheeled up to Diagnostic Services in a wheelchair – these can be found at the Sturt Street and Drummond Street entrances.

Your appointment?

To access this service you must have a referral from a medical provider - Appointment necessary.

To make a booking, call booking enquiries on 5320 4201 or fax referral to 5320 4713. Referrals can also be emailed to

The patient name, date of birth, phone number and address must be included on the referral. If using fax or email, you will be contacted via mail or phone call, as appropriate, with the appointment details.


Ballarat Base Hospital


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(03) 5320 4201

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8.30 am - 5 pm


(03) 5320 4713


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