The MDU is a service for patients who are well enough to receive a medication by infusion (drip) to treat their medical condition.

What do we do?

Patients can access medically required infusions to treat their medical conditions in the day unit. 

Who do we care for?

The MDU provides care for any adult patient that a doctor has referred to the unit.

What can you expect?

Patients are accommodated in a comfortable recliner chair (or bed if required) during their infusion and a light diet and beverages are provided, each area has a television and daily papers are provided (you may wish to bring in your computer to watch videos if your stay is for a long period).

Patients will be given a date /time for their infusion and advised how long it will take and requested to present to the Medical Day Unit on the 4th floor West Wing-Henry Bolte building - Grampians Health Ballarat.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please call MDU to advise us of this, so a rebooking can be attended.

Patients do not have to fast prior to receiving their infusion and can take their usual medications.

Patients can return to work and drive a vehicle unless they are to receive medications prior to their infusion

Patients are requested not to bring children with them, and if this must occur then a carer must accompany the child.

How can you access this service?

The referral process is by either Smart referral for the GPs and an MDU e-referral within Grampians Health Ballarat, if treatment is required urgently, medical practitioners could liaise directly with the Admitting Officer of the Emergency Department or the Admitting Unit of the day.

Medical Day Unit


1 Drummond Street North
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 6733

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8.45am - 5pm


5320 6422

Have something to tell us? We welcome all feedback from patients, family members or carers. Tell us more.