Grampians Health Ballarat Dialysis Unit is a twelve-station state-of-the-art facility providing Haemodialysis to patients with end-stage renal disease. 
Support is also provided for patients dialysing in the region, who require additional treatments in Ballarat. 
Holiday Dialysis enquiries are welcome any time.

What do we do?

The Dialysis Unit provides:

  • Skilled Registered Nurses, Medical Staff, including Renal Specialists and Allied Health such as dieticians and Social Work
  • TVs, DVDs, I-pad minis and free Wi-Fi are available for the duration of the Dialysis treatment- please bring your own headphones
  • Dialysis patient parking
  • A small snack during treatment
  • Dialysis education days twice a year
  • Individual education with the Renal Nurse Co-ordinator
  • A training room for Home Dialysis

What should you expect at your appointment?

  • The length of your Dialysis treatment is prescribed by your specialist doctor (Nephrologist)
  • Please make your own travel arrangements to and from Dialysis
  • Please arrive on time to your scheduled treatment
  • Wear warm comfortable loose-fitting clothing that ensures easy access to your vascular access / device i.e. loose shirt sleeves that can be easily rolled up or a button-through shirt, if you have a catheter in your chest
  • Required walking aids must be used and footwear must be worn when walking around the unit and when weighed before and after treatment.

Renal Nurse Co-ordinator

A Renal Nurse Co-ordinator is available to provide education on Chronic Kidney Disease and treatment options and support for patients progressing to treatment. 

Education can be offered both individually or at a Dialysis Education Day held at Grampians Health Ballarat twice a year. Contact on 03 5320 6770.

Home dialysis and peritoneal dialysis

The Ballarat Dialysis Unit have a Home-training room available that is staffed by the Regional Link Nurse.


All enquiries about Home training and Peritoneal Dialysis need to be made to the Home Dialysis Service on 03 8387 2068 (Royal Park Campus) or 03 5320 6609 (Ballarat). 

After hours dialysis service

The after hours support service for Home and Peritoneal Dialysis patients can be reached on 03 8387 2096.

Location and access

The Dialysis Unit is located on the ground floor of the hospital. Access can be made via Sturt Street or Drummond Street. All patients and visitors are asked to enter via the Dialysis waiting room and press the buzzer at the intercom for entry.

Visiting for families

Visiting hours are flexible and family members are welcome, while patients are having their treatments.

Children are welcome for short visits, but must be accompanied and supervised by a visiting adult at all times.

Transfers and referrals

All patients who are requesting transfer to the Ballarat Dialysis Unit require a referral letter and relevant medical information to be sent to one of the three Nephrologists.

For inter-hospital transfers please contact one of the Ballarat Nephrologists for private patients or for public patients contact the switchboard on 03 5320 4000 and ask to be transferred to the Medical Unit B Renal Advanced trainee.

For further advice on referrals please contact the Dialysis Unit directly.

Ballarat Base Hospital


1 Drummond Street North
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 4521 or 03 5320 4522

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday


03 5320 4352

Renal Clinic

For more information about the Renal Clinic, click on the link below.

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