An alternative care pathway for patients that no longer require acute care or have limited benefit from subacute care and are unable to be discharged from hospital.

What do we do?

Restorative Care Coordinators work in collaboration with clients and family/care providers to determine client-focused goals, develop a personalised care plan and individualised care needs, which includes:

  • Accommodation in a supported aged care facility
  • Case Management
  • Nursing & Personal Care
  • BHS Medical support
  • Low intensity therapy – such as Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy
  • Social Work support
  • Support for appointments (may include transport)
  • Some equipment needs
  • Social Activities

Outcomes for clients may include:

  • Time to improve physical functioning and reduce likelihood of functional decline
  • Stabilisation and management of medical conditions
  • Long-term care planning that is client and family- focused
  • Supports arranged to safely return home
  • Reduced need for residential aged care
  • Improve quality of life for the older person

Who do we care for?

Patients may be considered for RC if:

  • The patient has completed his/her acute and/or sub-acute episode of care, is medically stable, and ready for discharge
  • The patient would benefit from goal-oriented, time-limited and therapy-focused care, in support of:
    • completing their restorative process
    • optimising their functional capacity
    • Determining or accessing long-term care arrangements.
  • The patient is not eligible for the Commonwealth and Victorian Government-funded Transition Care Program (TCP). However, where circumstances change and if assessed by ACAS as appropriate, patients can access TCP directly from Restorative Care.

How can you access this service?

Admission to the Restorative Care can be through an inpatient hospital service (public or private), an emergency department or from the community where a benefit can be identified.

Access to the program may depend on availability.

Restorative Care Program


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