Home Care Packages delivers a range of services to support your choice to remain living at home safely and with confidence. Our experienced and professional staff partner with you to promote your independence, wellness and to enhance your quality of life as an older person, residing in the community.

What do we do?

A Home Care Package provides you with Australian Government-funded help. The range of care and services available is extensive. 

There are four levels of Home Care Packages:

  • Level 1 supports basic care needs
  • Level 2 supports low level care needs
  • Level 3 supports intermediate care needs
  • Level 4 supports high care needs

Assessments are organised through My Aged Care and you will be assigned a package based on your needs. You then choose a Home Care Package Provider and the services you need.


Grampians Health Ballarat Home Care Packages 

We have been offering home care support for over 30 years. Our experienced, professional staff can help you to remain living at home, by delivering services to keep you safe, well, and connected to your community.

Grampians Health Ballarat Home Care Packages will provide you with a dedicated case manager who can help you to set up and manage your plan, making sure you get the quality services you require to maintain your independence. We work with you (and your family / carers) to develop a personalised Home Care Package that suits you and your lifestyle.

As part of Grampians Health Ballarat, we offer continuity of care and have the knowledge to help you manage basic and complex care requirements. We are an approved provider of Home Care Packages:

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
  • Level 4

Our case managers build genuine relationships with Consumers and are degree-qualified. We make sure the agencies we work with follow our strict guidelines.

You can count on us to put your needs first.

Who do we care for?

Those who are eligible for Home Care Packages as assessed by my aged care.

What can you expect?

The amount of Government-funding you receive is determined by the outcome of your assessment, and the level of Home Care Package you are assigned. Your Package will be delivered within a Consumer Directed Care framework, which means you (and your carer, if you choose to) have choice and control over what care and services are delivered and where and when they are delivered.

The range of services available is extensive and a personalised plan will be developed for you based on your Home Care Package Level and individual needs.

In addition to Individual Case Management, services may include:

  • Home help – cleaning, laundry, gardening, meal preparation, home maintenance
  • Support to keep you connected to your community – including shopping and transport
  • Personal care
  • Equipment, including medical supplies
  • Allied Health Services
  • Home modifications to keep you safely moving around your home
  • 24-hour on-call assistance
  • Nursing, day care and medical support, if required

The services we provide have different costs. You can find out more about Grampians Health Ballarat Home Care Packages pricing by contacting our service. 

A dedicated case manager will work with you to identify your goals, to get the most out of your package. 

What does a Home Care Package cost?

Our Home Care Packages charge a Care Management fee and Package Management fee – these are dependent on the level of your package and how much self-management of the care plan you choose to undertake. These fees are taken out of the funding you receive, not ‘out-of-pocket’.

We do not charge a Basic Daily Fee.

How can you access this service?

Eligibility is determined through a face-to-face assessment, but you must also be:

  • an older person who needs coordinated services to help you stay at home, or
  • a younger person with a disability, dementia or other care needs not met through other specialist services.

Contact the Commonwealth Government’s My Aged Care National Call Centre on 1800 200 422 (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, or Saturday 10am to 2pm) to arrange an assessment. For more information, you can visit www.myagedcare.gov.au.



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