Coming soon…Grampians Early Parenting Centre

Our Grampians Early Parenting Centre will open soon, offering day stays and group activities during the first few months. Overnight stays will commence in the coming months when the centre is fully operational. We look forward to sharing more information about our new modern facility soon including a sneak peek of the inside! In the meantime, please scroll down to learn how our Early Parenting Centre will assist parents from across the Grampians region.

About our Early Parenting Centre

Grampians Early Parenting Centre provides specialist support for families with children aged 0-4 years of age.

It delivers flexible, targeted services which assist parents with the following:

  • Sleep and settling;
  • Child behaviour; and
  • Parent and child health and wellbeing.

We deliver services that aim to enhance parent-child relationships and support parents with strategies for achieving their parenting goals.

About our facilities

The new centre includes residential family suites and day stay rooms, providing both day-stay programs and homestays to improve the health, wellbeing and developmental outcomes for children while delivering care closer to home.

The new centre also features a shared kitchen and dining area, playrooms and outdoor play areas for children and also multi-purpose rooms.

It has been designed to create a safe and serene environment with natural light and rooms suitable for various family arrangements to help allow families to feel at home.

What types of issues can our Early Parenting Centre assist with?

Our Early Parenting Centre can assist with a range of issues that are common for new parents including the following:

  • Sleep and settling;
  • Feeding difficulties;
  • Parent / child relationship;
  • Infant and child behavioural issues;
  • Parental exhaustion; and
  • Adjustment to parenthood.

What programs does the Early Parenting Centre offer?

Our team helps deliver a several programs to meet the needs of individual cases.

  • A four-night home stay program;
  • A six-hour day stay program;
  • One-on-one appointments;
  • Video appointments; and
  • Group sessions.


Parents with children aged 0-4 who need more specialised or targeted support can access our Early Parenting Centre including those who need assistance with the following:

  • Strengthening of parenting capacity and skills;
  • Enhancement of parent-child relationship; and
  • Increasement of parental confidence in responding to their infant/toddlers needs.

How do I get an appointment?

Parents can self-refer to the Early Parenting Centre or can be referred by a GP or health care professional.

For parents wishing to self-refer, please click here. After we have received your referral, you will be contacted within 2-3 business days and given an appointment to have an assessment phone call.

Alternatively, parents can talk to their child health nurse or GP for assistance with a referral to the Early Parenting Centre.

Contact us

Our experienced and friendly Early Parenting Centre team can be contacted at or on or call (03) 5320 3003.

The Early Parenting Centre is located at 10 Fawcett Road, Lucas.

Grampians Early Parenting Centre


10 Fawcett Road
Lucas VIC 3350


(03) 5320 3003


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