An inpatient program that provides short-term care to patients in the community who may require access to medical, Allied health and nursing services.   

What do we do?

GITH provides short-term community-based care for patients who have complex medical and nursing needs, and may require Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, a Dietitian or other Allied Health support.

Who do we care for?

A program for older people, over the age of 65, or over 50 for ATSI patients   

What can you expect?

The program is short-term, lasting 3-4 weeks, with the aim to assist clients back to their best level of function.

The GITH team is a multidisciplinary team, comprising geriatricians, nurses, occupational therapist, physiotherapy, dietitian, social work, and other Allied Health services as required.

How can you access this service?

GITH clients are usually referred from the acute or subacute areas of the hospital, but can also be admitted via a GP referral to our program.

Referrals to the GITH program are sent directly to Central Intake on the subacute & Community Programs referral form (MR/020.30) or via referral letter from GP/medical team.

A medical referral is essential for this service, and there are some exclusion criteria.

All referrals undergo priority assessment.

This service is only available to eligible people and for those people, is a free service.  

GITH services the Ballarat area up to 20km from CBD.

GEM in the home (GITH)


102 Ascot Street South
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 3851


03 5320 3663


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