The Persistent Pain Management Service is for people who have persistent pain and would like to learn how to better manage their pain.

What do we do?

The program focuses on helping clients understand their responses and distresses to pain and how to best manage these.   

The aims of the service are to:

  • Improve clients knowledge and understanding of persistent pain
  • Assist clients to develop strategies to manage their pain
  • Increase clients activity levels
  • Improve clients well-being and sense of confidence to manage in everyday life
  • Assist clients in getting back to regular activities and setting new goals

Who do we care for?

This service provides a range of options to suit individuals who have been experiencing chronic pain for over three month.

What can you expect?

The Persistent Pain Management Service will contact clients upon receipt of a referral to discuss each individual’s needs.

Programs offered to clients may include:

Start Understanding Pain Group (StartUP):

  • A one off 5 hour education session held on the first Wednesday of each month
  • Provides an overview of our service and our approach to pain  management
  • Introduces the concepts for chronic pain management with focus on improving quality of life
  • Significant others can attend (please inform program staff)

Treatment Planning Session:

  • It is helpful for us to know information about your medical history and current lifestyle, current level of activities, mood, and the things each client would like to be able to do.
  • A 1:1 treatment planning sessions allows time for our therapists to work with clients to determine your individual needs, and develop a plan for your ongoing treatment.
  • Referrals to other services or programs for assistance may be made.

Persistent Pain Management 9 Week Group:

  • An in-depth weekly group that assists clients to develop strategies to better manage their pain
  • Topics covered during the program include sleep, goal setting, pacing, mood and thought management, exercise, activity simplification and relaxation

Exercise Programs:

  • Some clients may be reviewed by a therapist to develop an exercise program suitable for their individual needs

Individual Sessions:

  • Clients may be referred to additional services including physiotherapy, psychology or occupational therapy for time limited 1:1 sessions for their needs

There is no charge for the Start UP Group or Persistent Pain Management Group

WorkCover and TAC clients are welcome & will be billed accordingly

How can you access this service?

A Medical practitioner or specialist referral. Referrals are also accepted from Grampians Health Ballarat Clinicians (Allied Health / Nursing)

Referrals are to be submitted to:  

Central Intake

Phone: (03) 5320 6690

Fax: (03) 5320 3893

Peter Heinz Centre


102 Ascot Street South
Ballarat VIC 3350


03 5320 3885


03 5320 3800


Have something to tell us? We welcome all feedback from patients, family members or carers. Tell us more.