Our research activity is growing all the time, with a focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care to the
Ballarat community and extending the treatment options we are able to provide.

Here are some examples of the research that occurs throughout our health services, alongside our extensive clinical trial program.

  • Does routine measurement of demispan improve adherence with low tidal volume ventilation?
  • Identifying research priorities to optimize Allied Health care: a modified Delphi study
  • In shoulder rehabilitation protocols, is isometric superior to theraband exercises on EMG testing?
  • Magseed in non-palpable breast lump surgery to improve patient and hospital process: A Ballarat Evaluation Study
  • Retrospective review of venous thromboembolism choice of prophylaxis and outcome in orthogeriatric inpatients
  • Reducing sedentary behaviour of hospital inpatients
  • Health provider identification, response and referral for survivors of family violence presenting to ED


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