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Research and Innovation on the Run keynote address

Communication is an essential core skill required by every health care worker regardless of discipline. Sadly, detailed communication skills are not part of many tertiary level education programs. As a result, communication is often an afterthought, is rarely done strategically, and can often be a limiting factor in the provision of comprehensive care and public health campaigns.

In this presentation Dr Shane Huntington will discuss the core axioms of good communication and connect these to improved patient care.

Join Dr Huntington on Microsoft Teams at 12pm on Wednesday 26 October.

What is Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Guideline?

Good clinical practice (GCP) is the international standard for conducting clinical research and provides a framework for ensuring participants rights safety and well-being are protected and the data generated is credible.

The GCP guideline details the requirements for stakeholder responsibilities, participant consent, documentation, protocols and amendments, requirements such as indemnity, reporting lines for adverse events and provision of medical care for trial participants. Originally developed for pharmaceutical trials, this guidance has become known as the "Good Clinical Practice" guideline has becoming widely adopted as the standard for all clinical research.

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Tuesday 11 October 2022

1pm – 4pm

Thursday 27 October 2022

9am – 12 pm

Tuesday 15 November 2022

9am – 12 pm

Thursday 8 December 2022

12pm – 3pm


Research and Innovation on the Run day one: Let's talk research

A qualitative study of Victorian physiotherapist's experiences with providing supportive care to people with prostate cancer: Influencers on practice for metropolitan and regional clinicians.

Alesha Sayner, Grampians Health



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Codesigning Treatment Information Provision to Support the Information Needs of Older Cancer Patients in the Grampians Region of Victoria, Australia: A Multicentre Study

Rosa Goncalves, Latrobe University



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Impact of a Hospital Library Service at a Regional Health Service in Australia

Gemma Siemensma, Grampians Health


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Research and Innovation on the Run day two: Let's talk quality improvement

Opportunities and capabilities to perform pelvic floor muscle training are critical for participation: A systematic review and qualitative meta synthesis
Alesha Sayner, Grampians Health


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Blood and blood product redesign project
Ash Falla and Cathy Caruso, Grampians Health


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Research and Innovation on the Run day three: Let's talk more research

Improving the management of people at risk of frequent potentially avoidable presentations to the ED – a systems thinking approach
Mary Malakellis and Meg Murray, Deakin University


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‘Access’ - a key rural healthcare priority identified by consumers, health professionals and researchers
Anna Wong Shee, Grampians Health


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A 3 year retrospective cohort study of the characteristics of people with acute Charcot Neuroarthropathy (CN) attending Ballarat Health Services
Dimitri Diacogiorgis, Grampians Health


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Research and Innovation on the Run day four: Let's talk more quality improvement

The functional impact of hand therapy education delivered during the immobilisation phase

Fiona Orton, Renee Rock, Grampians Health


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Implementation of a stroke circuit class in a regional rehabilitation community program

Laura McCredie, Grampians Health


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Structural equation modelling the impact of anti-microbials on the human microbiome.
James Hurley, Grampians Health


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Research and Innovation on the Run day five: Even more research

Capabilities and Opportunities are vital for clinicians recommending pelvic floor muscle training: A systematic review and qualitative meta-synthesis

Alesha Sayner, Grampians Health



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A review of manually thickened drinks in rural residential aged care facilities: Are we serving the right drinks?

Stephanie Giao, University of Melbourne

External webinars

Consumers as active partners in research: workshop for researchers
Build your skills and confidence to involve consumers in your research



AI in healthcare series: The ethical and medico-legal challenges of AI in health
Erwin Loh

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly transform the role of the doctor and revolutionize the practice of medicine. One of the concerns that has been raised is the issue of legal liability when personal injury occurs. If a medical error occurs, who is to be held liable? There is also the matter of morality and ethics with AI, illustrated by the classic ‘trolley problem’. As a profession, we need to have a mature discussion and debate about the legal, ethical and moral challenges of AI in health, and be leaders in this space rather than passive observers.

Imposter Syndrome, a Thinkwell Workshop
10am to 2pm
Why successful people often feel like frauds.


Consumer and community involvement in clinical trials: exploring the nitty gritty of consumer advisory panels
This event will highlight practical strategies and lessons learned around setting up and supporting a consumer advisory panel. We do hope you can join us for this informative webinar.

The Balanced Researcher
10am to 12pm
Learn the most useful strategies that thousands of researchers have found helpful in balancing the many demands on their time.

VCCC Alliance Clinical Research Online Workshop
9am to 4.30pm
Delivered by University of Melbourne Master of Clinical Research Team, this practical and interactive workshop explores clinical trials design

Equity at the Bedside: Workshop for nurses
1pm to 3pm
Hear clinical examples from expert speakers and discuss how nurses can actively build equity into their clinical practice

Developing a Research Track Record on a Shoe String, a Thinkwell Workshop
10am to 11am
Learn how to create research outputs that don’t cost much money.

What an outcome is, how it differs from an output, and why it matters
1pm to 2pm
More and more funders are asking grantseekers to measure the outcomes of their programs.
If you’ve struggled to understand the difference between an outcome and an output or activity, you’re not alone. A recent analysis of data from the grant application software tool SmartyGrants has revealed that applicants commonly mistake outcomes for activities and objectives.

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