Tower crane honours remarkable volunteer

Monday 26 June 2023

We are so thrilled that our first tower crane as part of the Ballarat Base Hospital Redevelopment has been named after Maureen Woodford, in recognition of her outstanding contributions to Grampians Health as a volunteer.

Maureen has volunteered at the Ballarat Base Hospital for more than 14 years across various programs including the Welcome Team of which she is currently the Team Leader, BRICC Wellness Centre, Volunteer Simulated Patient and the Emergency Department.

CEO Dale Fraser said it was volunteers like Maureen who provided a valuable support arm to Grampians Health and the naming of the crane represented yet another opportunity to acknowledge their remarkable contributions.

“Maureen has wholeheartedly integrated herself into the fabric of the team at Grampians Health having worked at the Ballarat Base Hospital for 15 years as a nurse. She has then chosen to return to continue contributing to healthcare by selflessly volunteering,” Mr Fraser said.

“While we would love to include the names of all 180 volunteers on the crane, unfortunately, space limitations make it impossible. However, we can’t emphasise enough, that every volunteer is equally important and valued and that the one name will represent the collective efforts of our incredible volunteer community.”

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