Grampians Health commits to Communities of Respect and Equality (CoRE) Alliance

Thursday 9 December 2021
Marianne Hendron and Dale Fraser at the Grampians Health CoRE Alliance signing Marianne Hendron and Dale Fraser at the Grampians Health CoRE Alliance signing

The newly formed Grampians Health has today joined with Women’s Health Grampians to sign its commitment to the Communities of Respect and Equality Alliance (CoRE Alliance).

The CoRE Alliance is a partnership of 124 organisations, businesses, clubs and groups who share a vision for safe, equal and respectful communities in the Grampians region. In 2021 Women’s Health Grampians (WHG) drafted a new CoRE Strategy for 2021-25, outlining the actions that need to be taken to drive cultural change and reduce violence against women.

Grampians Health Interim Chief Executive Officer Dale Fraser said signing the CoRE agreement was an important part of the health service’s commitment to providing greater access to more inclusive and safe care for vulnerable and diverse community groups.

“It is fitting that we sign this agreement today, as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence,” Mr Fraser said.

“As a Grampians-based health service provider, and with a workforce of around 80 per cent women, we will use our role to drive cultural change. In all aspects of our work we will take a stand for gender equality and work to create a safe community for all.

“Today’s signing is just one step in our commitment – Grampians Health has made it a priority to create a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity plan which will put services and programs in place to address the specific needs of diverse and vulnerable groups in the Grampians region.”

Marianne Hendron, Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Health Grampians and Chair of the CoRE Alliance, welcomed the commitment of the newly established Grampians Health to the CoRE Alliance.

“Regional health organisations have been an integral part of the CoRE alliance,” Ms Hendron said.

“After significant structural changes in regional health delivery over the past year it is reassuring to see the Grampians Health leadership decisively committing to CoRE’s key vision: a safe, equal and respectful society for everyone – where women and their children live free from gender-based violence and every person is valued, heard, respected and empowered.

“We are currently supporting health services across the region in implementing the Gender Equality Act and we look forward to sustaining and embedding that work through strong engagement in CoRE further progressing their commitment to gender equality and the prevention of violence against women. ‘’

Information about the CoRE Alliance can be found at the Women’s Health Grampians website –

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