Generosity in Action: Grampians Health Ballarat Workplace Giving

Wednesday 3 April 2024

For the past year, the Ballarat Base Hospital Trained Nurses League Good Samaritan Fund (the Sam Fund) has been making an impact on the lives of people within our community.

The Sam Fund provides one off payments for essential goods and services to patients leaving our care and returning to the community.

Through the generous contributions of our staff donors, the Sam Fund has been providing support and essential assistance to patients in need.

Valetta Fraser, Allied Health Manager - Social Work and Disability Liaison, Grampians Health Ballarat shared her appreciation for the ongoing support provided by the Sam Fund.

“For individuals navigating challenging circumstances, these payments provide hope and practical assistance for basic needs such as living expenses, food, shelter and medications. The fund has been instrumental in alleviating the financial burdens of patients with disabilities, low incomes, those fleeing family violence, experiencing homelessness or battling mental illnesses.’


The Sam Fund's impact can be seen in the transformative stories of those it has supported:

Clothing for Movement

A 79-year-old male who lived alone and experienced profound isolation, had an extended stay in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Ward.

With no family or friends in Ballarat and only the clothes on his back, he had no suitable clothing for participation in the rehab gym and OT breakfast group. This absence of appropriate clothing significantly impacted his dignity and his willingness to engage in activities beneficial to his health. 

Thanks to the Sam Fund, essential items such as underwear, socks, T-shirts, shirts and pants were purchased, enabling him to participate in exercise and socialise, which improved his well-being and overall quality of life.

Supporting Essential Travel

A woman facing social isolation and family violence, found herself becoming a sole parent. 

Due to medical concerns during her pregnancy, she needed to travel to Melbourne's Royal Women's Hospital for further testing. However, her car was unavailable, and time and distance prevented social workers and midwives from transporting her.

With the support of the Sam Fund, her social worker facilitated a solution by topping up her Myki card, ensuring safe travel for her appointments.

Cooking at Home

An 85-year-old man with a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background faced difficulties preparing his favourite meal of hearty stews in large pots on the stove at home. Our occupational therapist deemed it unsafe for him to lift the heavy pots.

Recognising the need for a safer alternative, the Sam Fund was used to purchase a microwave. Before returning home, he completed education and training on microwave usage during his stay on the ward. He can now continue to cook for himself without the risk of injury and the assistance of others.


These are just a few recent examples of how the Sam Fund is helping people in our community. With 158 staff donors already contributing, the Sam Fund continues to make a difference.

To join this cause, consider a small donation that can have a big impact, or sign up to be a Good Sam, contact us at or call us at 5320 4093 to find out more.

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