Cuddle Cot Donation

Wednesday 26 May 2021
Taylor and Kayleigh Raine pictured with donated Cuddle Cot Taylor and Kayleigh Raine pictured with donated Cuddle Cot

The decision to donate or fundraise for BHS is often as a result of a personal experience, which ignites a desire to give to others.

This was definitely the case for Taylor and Kayleigh after they lost their baby son, Arthur Taylor Raine, to stillbirth on 23 October, 2020.

Taylor and Kayleigh’s desire to give back in memory of their little one involved a 24-kilometer walk, gathering sponsorship from friends and family along the way.

The funds raised helped to purchase three Cuddle Cots, one of which was donated to the BHS Maternity Ward for other parents to use in similar circumstances.

Cuddle Cots are a support resource for bereaved parents in the lead up to them leaving hospital without their baby.

Thank you so much, Taylor and Kayleigh.  The Cuddle Cots are a wonderful donation – a beautiful, and significant means of giving back in memory of Arthur.

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