Base Hospital: Entry points have changed

Friday 20 March 2020

Please read signage and follow directions from staff as access points have altered.

To protect the safety of our staff, patients, and the community, we are implementing access measures to further reduce the number of people at our Base Hospital site.

Base Hospital

The Drummond Street entrance must now be used by visitors to the hospital, except for:

  • Cancer \ Oncology visitors use the Sturt Street entrance
  • Emergency is only accessible via the Mair Street entrance

Cancer Centre | Oncology

The Sturt Street entrance is now for the Cancer Centre only

Please do not walk through to the general Base Hospital from the Sturt Street entrance

Emergency Department

There is no access to the main hospital from the Emergency Department, Mair Street entrance.

The Mair Street entrance is only to be used for the Emergency Department and our COVID-19 clinic.

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