When you are assessed by your medical team as stable and ready to be discharged from hospital the below information may answer some of your questions. 

Leaving the ward

On the day you leave hospital, you may be transferred to the Transit Lounge. The Transit Lounge is staffed by nurses and is specifically for patients leaving hospital. It provides a comfortable space for you to wait for your transport, family or carer to collect you.

Being discharged home

If you are discharged home, or to a nursing home, upon leaving hospital the staff may need to organise medications, transport, support services or referrals for you.

Unless otherwise arranged by the hospital staff, it is expected that patients arrange:

  • Transport home
  • Collect all their belongings and personal property
  • Have collected any medications that have been prescribed


If you are prescribed medication, we may provide you with a small amount and give you a prescription to be filled at a pharmacy.

If the hospital provided you with a filled script, you may be charged for some of the medications. If this should occur, our staff will discuss this with you (you will not be charged for medications that you have needed during your stay).

If it is necessary for you to continue your medication, you will need to contact your GP for a repeat prescription.

Support services / referrals

If your treating medical team feel that you need extra help or rehabilitation after your discharge from hospital the ward staff will arrange this. Referrals can include:

  • social workers
  • district nurses
  • occupational therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • dietitians
  • dementia care nurse

 Your medical and nursing team will tell you about the care you may need before you are discharged home.

Certificates and claim forms

Please speak to a member of ward staff about this; they will be able to help arrange relevant certificates and the signing of claim forms.

Transport home

We will ask you to arrange transport home. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to assist you to arrange transport.  If you require any support please speak to your nursing team.

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