Ballarat Health services GP Liaison Unit (GPLU) assist GP's to access hospital services and improve communication between BHS and General Practices.

Initiatives that GP liaison have worked on include:

  • Development and implementation of the SMART referral template.  
  • Coordination of the BHS GP reference group. Current GP membership:
    • Dr Rob Campbell
    • Dr Alison Miller
    • Dr Mark Churcher
    • Dr Kerry Hewitt
    • Dr Samantha Culvenor
  • Initiate opportunities for General Practitioners to contribute to hospital services
  • Monitor and evaluate the processes relating to the interface between BHS and the GP community


Dr Samantha Culvenor
GP Liaison Consultant
Ph: 03 5320 6677

Ms. Jannine Rigby
GP Liaison Manager
Ph: 03 5320 6676

Fax: 03 5320 8725
Monday - Thursday 8am to 4pm

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