For Patients

Hand hygiene is the most important way to prevent infections in hospital. You can clean your hands by using the alcohol-based hand rub, or washing your hands with soap and water.

All health care workers (for example, your doctor, nurse and physiotherapist) should clean their hands regularly. This is especially important before and after they provide care to you, and immediately before and after they perform procedures involving tubes, lines or dressings on you. 

You can access limited free Wifi.

As a patient at our hospital, you will have access to a bedside phone. Your family or close friends can contact you by calling the ward or through the main hospital number 5320 3700.

Our volunteers deliver the paper to the ward in the mornings. Please ask your ward staff if you would like to read the paper each day.

You may be in a shared room. There are privacy curtains that go around your bed and bedside area. You will have access to a shared bathroom with a lockable door.

Yes. Please speak with the ward staff or treating medical team to arrange.


Smoking is not permitted on Grampians Health Ballarat property. Patients can access nicotine replacement therapy and support to QUIT smoking.

Family and friends are encouraged to visit patients. 

Visiting hours and rest periods vary from each ward to check the visiting time.

For Visitors

At each entrance to the Base Hospital site we have a team of friendly Volunteers who can assist with directions, information and questions. Also located in the general foyer of the Base Hospital is an information desk which is staffed and may also assist with directions and information.

At the Queen Elizabeth Centre and the Dental Clinic our reception staff are available to help.  

The hospital has a café located in the BRICC foyer open Mon – Fri 8.00am – 2.00pm this is inside the Sturt Street entrance to the hospital. A cafeteria is also located on level 1 of the hospital Mon – Sun 8.30am – 7.00pm.

At the Queen Elizabeth Centre the Strawberry Café is located inside the main entrance Mon – Fri 10.00am – 2.00pm

Visitors should always clean their hands before coming in to visit you, and when they leave. It is important for visitors to stay away from the hospital if they are unwell. This is necessary to protect you and other patients in the hospital, especially those with poor immune systems.

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