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Did you know that Grampians Health staff can work across different campuses? 
In late 2023 we launched an exciting pilot program aimed at growing sustainable workforce levels across all our campuses.
The pilot enables eligible staff to put their hand up to work at a different location – for example, casual staff in Ballarat can request to work in Horsham.  

If that is you, read on!

Please complete thi form, and we will be in touch to discuss your options. 

The opportunity to work at another Grampians Health location comes with some great perks: 

  • A support allowance will be paid for each shift you work  
  • Accommodation can be provided  
  • Family and fur-babies can (generally) go with you, and we can also put you in contact with local schools if needed
  • The length of time you work at another campus can be negotiated, depending upon your availability within the following parameters: 
    • Minimum 3 days (up to full time) for a minimum of 4 weeks 
    • Priority will be given to staff taking an 8-week placement or more 
    • During your negotiated contract period, rostering requests can be put in, and there will be reasonable flexibility in rostering requests across all shifts

Sound Interesting?

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Experience more

Working at a rural campus is a great way to experience a new work environment and an opportunity to learn new skills and share them with your team when you return to Ballarat.   

Typically, because rural campuses are much smaller than a regional centre such as Ballarat, you will be exposed to a greater variety of clinical care needs.  You will also build strong communities ties as you live and work alongside your colleagues and patients.   

Work and play

Staying in Horsham or Dimboola, you will have the chance to explore all that the Grampians region has to offer, including the beautiful Grampians National Park and Wartook Valley. This area features endless opportunity for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing and fishing, as well as vibrant and welcoming local recreational sports teams and bourgeoning food culture. 


To find out more on what the area can offer visit:


A pilot is a learning experience, so we have put together this list of frequently asked questions.


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