Grampians Health Ballarat is obligated by law to protect your privacy and the privacy of information about you.  Grampians Health Ballarat staff are aware of and comply with this obligation.


Information about you is collected from you to enable us to provide deliver health services to you and provide the best possible and safest care.

Information about you may be disclosed to your GP or referring health care professional for continuity of care, where required by law or with your consent, 

Hospitals within the Grampians Region, including Grampians Health Ballarat, have a shared electronic medical record.  This means if you attend more than one hospital within the region, clinicians involved in your care may access information from these hospitals.  Sharing of clinical information will assist in providing better care and services to you. 

You have a right, in most circumstances, to refuse permission for disclosure or sharing of your information.  Please advise your treating clinician or Health Information Services 5320 4227 of your wishes.  You need to be aware that not disclosing information to others involved in your care, may impact your care.

Further information is available in our Privacy Brochure Protection and Use of Your Health Information below.

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