In accordance with the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) guidelines, Grampians Health Ballarat makes its gifts, benefits and hospitality policy register available to our community.
All public sector employees have a duty to always put the public interest above their private interests when carrying out their official duties.
The policy outlines when potential, perceived or actual conflicts may occur and the steps that must be taken to avoid, disclose, mitigate and / or manage a conflict of interest.

Gifts and Benefits

2021-22 Approved Gifts and Benefits

24 November 2021 Executive Director People & Culture Lunch function $100 Hesta Superannuation
14 December 2021 Dental Team Primary & Community Care Wine & chocolates $100 Orthodontist/Private Dental Practice
20 December 2021 Manager HIS Resources & Planning Wine & chocolates $75 ARM
23 December 2021 Occupational Therapist Primary & Community Care Gift voucher $100 Inpatient

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