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Inpatient Complex Care Unit

Who are we? / What do we do?

The Inpatient Complex Care Unit is a 24 bed, medical and slow stream rehabilitation unit which provides semi acute assessment and care to patients who are generally over 70 years of age.

The average length of stay within the unit is 21 to 28 days. We deal with complex medical diagnosis, assessing level of care requirements and post acute illness care (restorative care). Post CVA care, post orthopedic surgical care, memory problems, continence assessment and wound management are key components of our role. We also care for palliative patients.

Our goal is to discharge the patient home wherever possible with necessary services planned and put into place.  Alternatively following relevant assessment, assist the patient and carer in discharge to a suitable care facility. Involvement of the carers throughout the process is essential if we are to achieve optimal outcomes for patients.

We believe in promoting wellness and encourage a rehabilitation type approach to care and assessment. Patients where possible should dress in day wear.

Within the unit we have a secure area. This is primarily for patients who present with wandering type behaviours and require a secure environment. The area is fitted with key pad exit doors and single rooms. It minimizes the impact of the wandering dementia patient on other patients in our care and reduces risk of patient wandering from the hospital unit. This area is utilized also during the acute delirious phase of an illness and once the patient is more stable they can be moved to the general ward area.


Our team is made up of Nursing staff, Medical Residents, Geriatricians, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Allied Health Assistants, Social Workers, Domestic staff, a receptionist and the patients and carers.

Other health professionals are utilized via referral such as Continence Nurse Service, Cognition Nurse Team, speech therapist, dietician and podiatrist.

Services Provided

We work closely with Aged Care Assessment Services, Inpatient Rehabilitation services and Palliative Care services.


Telephone: 5320 3784.


The Inpatient Complex Care Unit entry is located in Ascot Street South, Ballarat.