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Infant and Child Community Mental Health Services

Infant and Child Community Mental Health Services

The Infant and Child Mental Health Services provides access to timely consultation, mental health assessment and evidence based treatment for infants and children aged between 0—14 years and their families who are at risk of or experiencing a significant mental disorder.  This includes early detection of issues that if left unattended are likely to lead to the development of behavioural and emotional disorders and mental illness later in life.

Who can refer to Infant and Child Mental Health Services?

  • Concerned parent, carer or guardian may refer.
  • Person's GP, paediatrician or community agency may refer.
  • Emergency services such as the police, ambulance, or emergency department may refer.
  • Maternal child health centres, kindergartens, schools and family services may refer after discussion with the parent or guardian.

Please note: a referral specifically for the purpose of Autism assessment requires a referral from a paediatrician.

What do infant and child mental health services provide?

  • Evidence based, family inclusive mental health treatment
  • Phone advice and onward referral to other agencies if required
  • Mental health assessment
  • Autism assessment
  • Children and Schools Together program—early intervention program in kinder and schools
  • Secondary consultation or education for community agencies
  • Interagency case planning.

What can you expect from infant and child mental health services?

  • We aim to be easily accessible
  • We have a developing infant mental health program
  • A strong focus on early intervention programs
  • We value working with community agencies for the best outcome for the child and their family.

Having recently expanded our services we are still developing so would really appreciate your feedback to help us know what we are doing well and make suggestions for how we can improve.