Catching the virus

The virus is in the air around people who have the virus.

You don’t know who has the virus.

Keep your distance. Wear a mask.


The virus stays on surfaces.

If you touch something another person has touched do not touch your face.

Touching your face can transfer the virus into your body.

Wash your hands thoroughly and often or use hand sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol.


Putting on and taking off a face mask requires strict hygiene practices so you don't accidentally transfer the virus to yourself or others.

If you feel unwell

If you feel unwell you should not be going anywhere or seeing anyone (other than those who live with you).
Even if you "don't think it's COVID" you need to get a test, just to be sure.
Please, help stop the spread and keep our community safe.

Getting tested

Getting a test is simple.

Ballarat now has multiple clinics - click here for instructions on how to book an appointment, times and locations.

Stay COVID safe - Get Tested

Care from a distance

If you know someone who is isolating, please support them from a distance.

A person with or without symptoms who is waiting for a test result must not leave their home.  

You can help them stay at home comfortably by delivering nutritious food to their doorstep, phoning them each day to see how they are, and asking if they need anything.  

Please be a good neighbor - friend - family member and help stop the spread of the virus.

Washing your hands

We are all hearing a LOT of information about coronavirus on the internet, in the news, and in conversations with friends and family. 
So much information can be confusing.
Grampians Health Ballarat aims to provide you with the best possible health information, in a format that can be quickly and easily understood.
This American video is one of the best we have seen for explaining why we need to wash our hands, and how to wash them properly.  Check it out.

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