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Linkages: Central Highlands Coordinated Community Care

Linkages: Central Highlands Coordinated Community Care (Linkages), is a program of BHS which provides case management, service coordination and a range of services to support an individual’s choice to remain living at home. Services are provided to promote functional independence, wellness and enhance the individual’s quality of life for as long as possible.

Linkages is an Approved Provider of:

  1. Linkages Packages
  2. Home Care Packages (HCPs) Levels 2 and 4
  3. Consumer Directed Care HCPs Levels 1 to 4

Geographical Regions Covered

Central Highlands Region of Victoria which includes the City of Ballarat, Golden Plains Shire, Hepburn Shire and Moorabool Shire.

Packages Provided and Eligibility

Linkages Packages

To be eligible for a Linkages Package the individual must have a definite desire and commitment to remain living at home and be in either of the Home And Community Care (HACC) target groups listed below:

  1. older and frail persons with moderate, severe or profound disabilities
  2. younger persons with moderate, severe or profound disabilities.

The individual will be assessed as having complex care needs that cannot be met solely through the normal suite of HACC services which are provided by agencies such as the local council or shires.

The Linkages Package has the ability to provide, but is not limited to, case management, personal care, social support, transport for appointments, domestic assistance, meal preparation and gardening.

Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages (HCPs) provide assistance predominantly to frail older Australians who wish to remain living in their own homes. There is no minimum age requirement for a HCP and younger people such as those with early onset dementia may qualify. To receive a HCP the individual must be assessed as eligible by the Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS).

There are four levels of HCPs. Levels 1 and 2 provide basic to low level care, while levels 3 and 4 provide assistance to people with intermediate to high care needs. HCPs can be delivered on a Consumer Directed Care framework, please contact the Linkage’s office for further details.

Services that may be provided as part of a HCP include case management, service coordination, personal care, nursing, domestic assistance including laundering of clothing and bedding, preparation of meals, delivered meals, in-home respite, social support, transport for appointments, continence aids and equipment. An extensive list of services can be provided by Linkages upon request.  

What is Case Management?

Case management is a component of HCPs and Linkages Packages which supports an individual in reaching his or her optimal level of health and wellbeing. The Case Management Society of Australia defines case management in their 2013 National Standards of Practice as follows: "Case management is a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual’s holistic needs through communication and available resources to promote quality cost-effective outcomes."

Referral Process

Any person can make a referral for a package provided by Linkages: Central Highlands Coordinated Community Care.

For Linkages Packages, please telephone Ballarat Health Services Central Intake office on (03) 5320 6690.

For Home Care Packages, please telephone the Grampians Aged Care Assessment Service on (03) 5320 3740.

Wherever possible, all referrals are made with the consent of the person being referred.

Waiting List

Depending on the demand for packages, there may be a waiting period. Once ACAS or Central Intake have processed the referral, the Linkages Wait List Coordinator will prioritise the individual for a package of care.

Financial Contribution

Individuals contribute to their care by paying a nominal amount. The State and Federal Governments fund the bulk of the program and specify the manner in which contributions are determined. However no individual will be disadvantaged and denied a package if they experience financial difficulties contributing towards their care.

Contact Details

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
Phone: (03) 5320 3010
Fax: (03) 5332 9730
Location: 106 Market Street, Ballarat, 3350

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