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Practice Nurses Attending Residential Aged Care Facilities
SCOPE (Area): Residential Services
SCOPE (Staff): Residential Services Staff
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Practice Nurses, General Practitioners and Residential Aged Care Facility staff will have an understanding of the process involved for Practice Nurses to collect resident information on behalf of the GP to be used in ongoing patient care. Examples of the collection of information would include Health Assessments.

Expected Objectives / Outcome

To identify Practice Nurses visiting Residential Aged Care Facilities.


Practice Nurse (PN) - The term 'practice nurse' is generally applied to qualified Registered and/or Enrolled Nurses who are employed by medical general practices.

Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) - A special-purpose facility which provides accommodation and other types of support, including assistance with day-to-day living, intensive
forms of care, and assistance towards independent living, to frail and aged residents. Facilities are accredited by the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd to receive funding from the
Australian Government through residential aged care subsidies.

General Practitioner - (GP), A general practitioner (family physician), commonly referred to as a GP, is a doctor who works in family medicine or primary healthcare.

Issues To Consider

All Practice Nurses visiting a RACF on behalf of the residents GP will have:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (this will to be checked and confirmed by each individual practice)
  • Current registration with Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency (APHRA)
  • Photo identification (Name badge and Drivers license or appropriate alternative)

Detailed Steps, Procedures and Actions

  • Each GP Practice is to provide BHS with confirmation that practice nursing staff who provide the Health Assessment service on behalf of GPs at the practice meet the criteria as listed above.
  • Health Assessments to be pre booked with each residential facility prior to seeing each patient.
  • The PN must provide the residential aged care facility with a copy of the health assessment. BHS residential aged cared nursing staff are to ensure that this is stored in the Resident's nursing history.
  • PN must have photo identification when visiting the Facility. (eg. Name badge and drivers license or appropriate alternative)
  • On arrival at the RACF the PN is required to inform the Nurse in Charge of their arrival and their departure from the facility.
  • The Nurse in Charge will assist the PN with the required resident's medical and nursing notes.

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Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2010). Residential aged care facility: identifying and definitional attributes.

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